Sunday, February 15, 2009

on the edge of dream

none of these lovelies are of my doing... but they are beautiful and inspiring.  i have them grouped: food



(this picture is incredible, julie found it for me and now i really want to make something like it)


miscellaneous beauties

*note: i am very happy, i feel like all of my dreams have finally come true... i got into the school of the museum of fine arts in boston (SMFA).  i feel complete and worth something, at least when it comes to my arts and smarts. :)


peaitlreiecnia said...

well a big congrats for achieving your goals and a huge thank you for all these visual delights!

i don't have a favorite, they're all so good. maybe the boy with the cigarette lungs?

Maria said...

Beautiful pictures. I like the yellow bikini!

jules said...

You are fabby my wonderful beautiful anna banana. I like this post quite a bit, the photo of the train tracks gave me an idea that i thought i might pass to you, maybe ciggy train tracks, idk if thats totally weird but that's what that picture reminded me of and might be a cool bit of an installation. congrats again on smfa.

Vegan and Vintage said...

Congratulations! well done lovely girl!

Jenna said...


Such a pretty post =]

Felicia said...

congrats on getting in!
i love that lung shirt! thanks for the comment bb! xoxo

Dooder City said...

Lovely photos.Ok cool, yey for you not being addicted to smoking. I hope you don't feel I was accusing you or anything:)

Fine Little Day said...

Eyecandy eyecandy.

Design Lovely said...

So many lovelies!

Slanelle said...

the braids are lovely i wish my hair were as long :(