Wednesday, February 18, 2009

absolute horrors

three very fabulous things happened today!!

  1. I got these two award from the lovely awkward digressions!  they are my first awards, thank you so much. :)

I would like two give these awards to ana laura perez because her collages are to die for and to adieu adieu little girl blue because she always finds the most lovely pictures.

2. I got an 88% on my calculus test, which doesn't sound that great, but when considering my last test grade was a 72% it is downright amazing.  my teacher even told me he was impressed!

3. lastly, i got a call from Anna Wallace (crazy, that two people can have the exact same name!!!) from Cleveland Institute of Art and they are going to fly me out to visit their school... and they already gave me a huge scholarship.  I never thought i could be so lucky that a school would do basically anything to get me to come!  

Basically i have been really happy which is nice because very recently i was very unhappy and i cannot wait til next monday because i will be going skiing for the first time with school!

hope you all are doing well and that your dreams are coming true.  did anything great happen to you today or recently?


peaitlreiecnia said...

oh your post made me so cheerful! i'm so glad all those wonderful things are happening for you. ESPECIALLY the art school!!


Anonymous said...

oh sweet, thank you só much! i'm so happy with it! thank thank thank youuu!!!!

Ana Laura Perez said...

Thanks a lot for the awards!
Much love!!!

Mila said...

Hello sweetheart!
Wow, such amazing news...
I am really happy for you and i will pray for you when going skiing...hahaha. I once did it, and it wasn't exactly a success. ;)


Dooder City said...

Dude, you totally made it!
You are being flown out to look at a school? You are the best!
I am really proud.

olga d said...

well i was debating whether it's a good idea, but after seeing your blog.. yea i think i'm gonna go have me a cigarette now.

your comment was too sweet. science and fashion? hmmm more like science and fashion-wannabe. har har har... god i need a life.

Bella said...

Oh, wow... congrats on all the fantastic news!
That's wonderful. xxx