Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i need all the friends i can get

some movies i've been watching, books i've been reading, and concerts i'm about to go see:
i'm on a total gus van sant trip.  these were both really weird but elephant was wayyyyyy trippy the first half and way disturbing the second half, i think i could rewatch paranoid but not elephant.
also a way disturbing movie but really good once it was over.

some of these were for school and some not.  i'm like halfway through party monster - way cool and very strange 

jane austen is my total hero.  i have already read all of her books but i am reading all 6 in a row right now.  this is my third in, i've already read mansfield park and pride and prejudice 
kissing doorknobs is like on of my favorite books ever.  about an ocd girl and boy who meet and have an adorable ocd relationship... ok that isnt' really the whole story but it does happen.
the horrors!!! seeing them in april
watson twins - march
ting tings - march
the kills!!! ahhhhhh - playing with the horrors
mc chris (wiid anyone???) seeing him this saturday... can't wait!!!
and ben kweller who is playing with the watson twins!


Anonymous said...

Hi there how are you? I was looking through your blog and found it interesting and wanted to leave you a comment.

I have an invitation for you to come and visit my art blog here in San Diego Southern California. I started this blog in an attempt at finding a creative way to deal with life on life's terms. I hope you will stop by and become friendly...

I think that you may enjoy the various labels and music videos I design for my art blog, hope to see you here soon and take care :)

libelleliebe said...

i love paranoid park, it makes me cringe all the way through. i still need to watch elephant, but i've heard it's really haunting, so i'm kind of intimidated...

peaitlreiecnia said...

omgomgomg finally someone who has seen the first two movies. gotta say i agree with you about elephant.

great bunch of artists and book picks. have fun seeing them!

peaitlreiecnia said...

i know i've already commented lol but i've left you an award on my new post

have a lovely day!

Emily said...

Ugh, LOVE the Horrors and the Watson Twins AND Ben Kweller!! Have fun!

Vegan and Vintage said...

I liked Party Monster so much that I named my electric blue mexican fighting fish "Superstar DJ Keoke" after the character in the movie. Sadly, he passed away nearly two years ago, but I miss him very much - he was a good fish.

Dooder City said...

Wow, sounds jam packed. I loved party monster. Have you seen the documentary 'Paris is Burning?' It's great. I also love Jane Austin.

twinklescrapbooks said...

Have fun!!! :)

StickyKitten said...

i love the pink sunglasses on the girl from the kills =)

hope you had a happy vday!♥♥♥