Saturday, February 14, 2009

i wish i didn't smoke so many cigarettes

megan and anna ruth (yes... my twin) had v-day dinner party... this is my food chronicle of the night before i got too excited about the food to even think about photographing it.


Dooder City said...

I used to smoke ciggies and I loved it. I miss it some times but I don't want to feed into The Man called The Tobacco Companies. My boyfriend JUST quite after 10 years and I kept on bugging him about how he was just giving money to damn tobacco companies that are probably republicans..hahaha.

I hope you can quit!

Antonia said...

i know! jeans are usually borng (although i do wanna do a diy pair similar to balmain ss09...bleach the crap out of a pair). but they`re just not fun to shop for in my opinion!
oh well.
who cares if we freeze! FASHION FIRST