Tuesday, February 3, 2009

this beat is bananas

so lately i have been in a kind of music funk.  only listening to the same 3 mix cds i have had in my car for months.  while i of course love all of the music i have been listening to...

i am ready for something new.  i would love to hear what you all are listening to!  i am open to anything and just want some new bands to check out.  can't wait to hear from you!  :)


libelleliebe said...

i've been all over that lady gaga lately. beautiful, dirty, rich is my jam. do you listen to any yelle?

lilbent said...

YO GIRL. I will burn you a mix CD of whatever genre you want. Seriously, "you can have whatever you like, yeeeah!"
But really though, holler if you want some musica.

peaitlreiecnia said...

Lol i laughed when i read this, i do the exact same thing. which is why i sometimes never want to hear bloc party again. esp their intimacy album which has been on repeat.

lately though, i have this thing for soundtracks from movies. and the new lily allen stuff. and otis redding? my taste is all over the shop lol