Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i can't believe you would do the things you did

i've recently rekindled my love for lizzie mcguire.  
i mean, how can you not love that face?
it was by far the best disney channel tv show ever.

i always loved miranda's crazy hair styles 

everything about it is just perfect.  i totally grew up with these two girls.
today julie, megan, and i had a pic nic 

we chalked and blew bubbles 

julie's butt

my butt...

it was wonderful.

it's so hard to believe i'm leaving in less than 3 weeks and since i'm not coming home for fall break i won't see these people until christmas!  

today i had to say goodbye to the first person because franky fleef is going out of town on saturday and i'll be leaving before she gets back.  i can't believe it.  i hate goodbyes.

here is a short video i just finished set to we share our mother's health by the knife (ratatat remix)


Ancarol said...

The music so good with the video !! i did the video today in my blog : )

Panda said...

Your blog is so funny and sweet! Just stumble upon it, and i love it!!!

Panda xx

leah said...

okay so i LOVE this post because

1. i too love lizzie mcguire

2. that picnic looked like fun and i am glad you could do it :)

3. you mentioned franky fleef who i love and i can't beleieve you said goodbye to her today for a while

4. that video!!! gahh girl, its amazing. very trippy and aweseome

i miss you, i can't wait to see you

Shin said...

I love Lizzie! It was a great Disney show! It looks are you guys had a great time! I love playing with colored chalk! xxoxo

Adela said...

i love your dress! (or is it a romper?)

jules said...

I think this is probably the coolest thing I have ever you.

Anna said...

jeah, I hate goodbeyes too ): but this looks like a great day!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics x)

I wont see my friends before christmas either :s It's a little bit sad.

Faridah said...

Cute video! I love the knife. I too am such a big fan of Lizzie McGuire. I used to tape the episodes so I could watch them again and again. x

me ineptum said...

Whatever happened to David Gordo?

Tink in My Closet said...

Twas a fav show of mine back in the day!!! Love this post!

Hayley said...

oh my gosh! i miss lizzie mcguire so so much... i was so, completely obsessed with everyone on that show... (:

Grace said...

OKAY. So this may be lengthy but I have lots to say...haha
One I loved Lizzie too! I was actually watching Hannah Montana randomly the other day and was like to my friend "wow they just dont make them like they used to, like Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens!" random but i thought i would share.
Also, Paolo was sooo AMAZING! And yes he justed oooooozed sex. I was right up front and and the sweat was just dripping off him and it was amazing. I also have a huge crush on his sax player! Ill post pics soon!
Also Im glad your enjoying your summer with fun picnics and I hope everything is going a little better for ya!
xx :)

Grace said...

Also love the video!

Maverick Malone said...

Lol, fun pictures :) Lizzy was so cute!

xox, mavi

Anonymous said...

great post :)

Adela said...

i'd love to see another post! =)

Bia said...

I used to love that tv show!