Sunday, July 5, 2009

the words we say won't matter anyhow


the past 3 days have been a blur.  it is impossible to distinguish anything anymore.  i remember music, couscous, frozen cheesecake, teepees, lemonade, dirty blankets, water all tied together only by eno fest and julie.  
i hardly took any pictures which helps with the elusive nature that is describing my last few days.
these are from before eno fest.  more j and a bonding time.  this would be the night of my emotional breakdown which led to spinning around and totally letting go on east campus.

these are the only 5 pictures i have from eno fest.  julie and i got matching hennas.  and lemonades. 

and pancakes?
man with sock tan line?
it was a wonderous 3 days but not something i could go through all that often.  

i feel disconnected from the world.

and from certain people.

and also really blissfully happy in some really small ways that i know won't last.

... if only things were that easy.  i can't even seen to make it happen.
some dress perfection.

even though i spent my independence day weekend surrounded by people with the same idea as me...sometimes i just felt so alone.  

this can be a good thing.

or sometimes not.

it is time to reconnect the dots.  they have been disconnected for too long.


Anonymous said...

sock tan line- weird - lol x>>>>

leah said...

i'm here for you, things are wierd

i love you alot

lilbent said...

pancakes were at my house!

Girl, you know I am right here. Time for some AnnaXandra bonding time?

I love you. I love your blog. Oh yeah, and I love you

Monika said...

nice blog!!

a mouse said...

thanks flower heart! :)
your photos are lovely
summer twirling is
a blur.. feeling
can be upsetting..
i hope you feel
again soon!
putting your
feet in the grass
can help :)

Mary said...

I'm calling you tonight as a surprise. you'll see. I love you hardest.

Graham said...

Maybe you should put pictures of me and T-Paine up to keep everyone wondering about my sexual orientation.

KAELA said...

Great personal photos and assortment of images!

Lauren said...

Love the hennas. Hope things are better!

x x x

chelsea jade said...

all of the photographs - yours and those you've collected - have this sense of engaging dishevellment. it's so beautiful.

Sylvia said...

The sock tan line made me laugh! Looks like a fun 3 days.

ellie said...

Sometimes the lonliest place in the world is that which is the busiest.

I hope that you start to feel more connected again soon- you seem so lovely and sincere.

Emma Adeline said...

haha, the sock tan line - fuun.

and the first pics, looks like a blurry feeling.

and I love the collection of pics.

jules said...

I freaking love you. FYI