Wednesday, July 22, 2009

what else could this be about?

some pictures my friend patrick took of eno fest.  

they remind me of the perfect way things used to be.
all of us coming back from the teepee 

the teepee 
some art
back from cleveland.
i took these few snapshots at the art museum there and this really nice pond that i'm hoping to be able to ice skate on in the winter

mom kept insisting on taking pictures of me and they all turned out completely ridiculous because i hate posing for pictures and this is the least ridiculous one out of the bunch.

orientation went from good to bad to worse to terrible to better to ok.  so i'm still not really sure.  but i did meet some people (including my roommate) i know i'll be friends with (and some people i know i won't).  some good news:  we have to pay even less than we thought between my scholarship and my mom's duke tuition benefit and i somehow got out of 5 liberal arts classes because of the 4 AP classes i took.  even my 3 in calc somehow got me out of a natural science class i would have had to take my senior year... who would have figured?  and i finally checked out little italy there which is pretty cool.  and i discovered the absolute crunchiest coffee shop in the world there that i so love and will be spending all my time at.

things seem to have shifted my way slightly.
although the really important things are still in the dark
i'm learning not to rely on anyone or anything else to make me happy.
which is a good thing considering...
i'm finding out what this is about.

(some words by spoon, but mostly me)


a mouse said...

oo looks like you had fun! the teepee looks heaven!

Tip said...

Fun!! cute outfit, I Love the metallic docs! YOur header is tooooo cute!! thx for stopping by the blog and commenting!

Graham said...

Nice shoes.