Friday, July 24, 2009

every night it comes and goes again

i've become totally obsessed with the british tv show skins and the actress hannah murray who plays cassie who has by far the best style i've seen so far on any tv show.

i mean hello!  look at that necklace.

totally rockin the audrey hepburn in "how to steal a million" glasses

bottom half of the necklace outfit

i also love the way she does her hair and make up.  so creative.

what's not to love?


Jess said...

skins is one of my FAVOURITE shows and i make everyone watch it. cassie's my favourite as well - i miss her in series 3 :(

ellie said...

I miss her in the latest series too but she's so talented she's bound to be in more programmes soon.

chelsea jade said...

i got your mail! it is wonderful and amazing and just what post should be!

so thank you kindly!

i've been absent from blogging world lately because art school started up again but i'm going to do a post on the lovely package you sent as soon as i get a chance.

i love cassie. she's the most engaging character. watching her is like being hypnotized!

chelsea jade.

Jeanneoli said...

I have never heard of this show. Her style is so fun!

Vamoose said...

she was my favourite too.
i found it quite hard to really like any of the characters in the second season!

Vamoose said...

by second i meant third!

Faridah said...

She's brilliant!

Hollie said...

you should come to London- seriously.