Monday, March 2, 2009

paint my face and fingertips

had the craziest night of my life last night with julie.  basically we met up a 12 pm to get a free brunch at the nicest brunch place in durham, vin rouge.  and that was really nice. then we went thrift shopping and watched 16 candles.  we had planned on going to see the watson twins and ben kweller at the cradle that night but my parents were being crazy and said that we couldn't go because it was supposed to snow.  then they said they would drive us.... so we got the the show, got front row center spots, and before the show even started i got a hysterical call from my mom saying that the conditions were basically horrendous and dad was on his way to pick us up.  so dad gets there and we leave but it turns out all he wants is some money to go get a coffee while we stay at the show because it wasn't even snowing in chapel hill yet.  somehow, we got our spots back and proceeded to see all of the show except like 5 of ben kweller's songs.  CRAZY!  and the zipper on my really expensive matt and nat bag broke and the girl behind me spilled beer on my shirt.... but, it was still an amazing night and show.

the watson twins are sooooo adorable.
and ben kweller is hella cute!
and the basest was totally a combo of robert pattinson, jess from gilmore girls, and zach braff.

the watson twins came out and played a song with ben.

the night was even better seeing as how it snowed a lot, julie slept over, and we didn't have school today!

we made a snow man - snow woman couple.

phew!  what a couple of day!


lilbent said...

Sounds like you guys had some crazy fun!!!

Connie Hsiu said...

looks soo fun! gosh i love that purple blouse btw!

Stompface said...

Ben Kweller! How rad. I love the snowman lovers.


Dooder City said...

Great photos.
I love the snow!

setyourselfonfire said...

Oh my gosh! I love the Watson twins! Awesome :)

alexandra said...

your blog is fantastic! xoxo