Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i can play everyday

so i decided that i want to spend my summer days:
blowing bubbles at duke gardens and beyond (velvet pony)

or in fields perfecting fairy life (hannah + landon)

and listening to trippy music like animal collective and mgmt and the magic wands (h + l)

and i want to spend my summer nights running around at shows and clubs wearing slightly racy clothing... is this a bad thing? (cobra snake)

a couple facehunter finds.  seeeeee even facehunter appreciates the ripped tights.  i think if ivan likes it than it's golden!
i believe this is from a nylon several years ago.  these pictures make me want to spend my summer mornings curled up in bed reading and making art.
(if you were there beware)
(skull set)

a collection of my favorite ladies, the federals

these gorgeous collages are by jeff garcia.  i am totally lusting after them and got really inspired and i'm making an altered book for my ap euro project.

well one more day of school and then i'm off to cleveland for the weekend to visit cleveland institute of art!  should be fun.


jules said...

goodness, wonderful post darling. sounds like the best d-town summer eva

lilbent said...

That was a wonderful post. I hope to do many of the activities with you this summer! And slightly racy clothing during summer nightime club/concert life is never wrong. It's the only "right", really.

alexandra said...

thank you my love! you are the sweetest. I love this post, great photos! xo

Ivania said...

ahhhw that truck load of clothes in the back of the truck is great! lol

Anonymous said...

gorgeous post. you said everything i was thinking. such lovely words on summer. it reminded me of frolicking in fields of fairies...

Antonia said...

Thanks love! I've tried other colors but that's just the one I keep going back to!

Love this post - full of so much beauty and inspiration!

Marilyn Hayward said...

I agree with all of this, everything. Unfortunately, my summer will probably be spent working a lame job. And doing theatre, but at least that part is pretty fun

fhen said...

wo this one is a uber wonderful post! great! seems like the most intrigiung and fantastic summer plan ever

Eden said...

i'm loving your blog a lot--not just any fashion blog, but very inspired and very poetic. coolness. let's exchange links?

btw, check out my site and see how we in the tropics (perenially hot) do summer.


TheMinx said...

all of these photos are just glorious :)

10.15, saturday night said...

gorgeous photographs, especially the ones from nylon magazine.