Friday, March 6, 2009

i am so tired of being me

had a lovely fun romp at duke gardens with josh and maddy today after school, it was so nice out
maddy's foot...

josh got a lesson in cart wheels 

then decided spinning was more his style

if you can tell at all.... my dreds are getting really good!

we did the thing when you stand up back to back... so hard

great fun!  i even went to see a lacrosse game at school, my second school sporting even in 7 years.  

tomorrow will be crazy, volunteering, work, walking a dog, and then hannah and katie's 17th birthday party (with an asian theme, i am dressing up as a lolita).


Pansieberry said...

looks like fun!

Valentine said...

you can do cartwheels.. *envy* i can never-- heck, walking straight without bumping into people and things can sometimes be a problem for me-- and im incredibly sober all the time.