Thursday, March 12, 2009

i can be alone yeah

just a wee little post of beautiful things...

those two were from loveology.  just what i want my summer to be like.

those Polaroids are from wolf whistle on twitter... also very much remind me a perfect summer.

stompface...i'm seeing a pattern here.  haha.
vegan and vintage.  love this tattoo and the placement.  i've been thinking that i really want to get one this summer.  i've been 18 for months now but i just can't decide what i want.  and i want it to be something really special.  lately i've been attached to the idea of a bright green herbivorous dinosaur on my rib cage.
some required.  looks like a perfectly dreamy day to me.
sequin magazine.  love the red lips.  i might be sporting some this saturday... i'm going out with some of the girls for maddy's 18th.

these amazing collages are by miss dior couture,  such talent, i am always so inspired by them.

this is such an exciting time for me.  even though every other night i nearly pull out my hair with stress... i've been having such good news.  i'll be doing a lot of traveling soon.  next weekend i'll be going to cleveland to visit CIA for the weekend.  two weeks after than i'll be going to kansas city to visit KCAI.  and then the very next weekend is the long awaited trip to asheville.  there i will be finally meeting up with my roommate from governors school who i haven't seen since summer!  i can't wait for any of it!!!


lilbent said...

There is no "wrong" in poetry my dear! Well, sometimes there is "not that good" but you do not fall into that category. Your poem was really superb. And this post is beautiful. I can't wait for summer fun!!!!!

jules said...

as always, perfect pictures! oh girl, i am so exited for all of your college opportunities that are coming up! And i can't wait to hear all about saturday night!

Karen said...

i love the first few pictures, so inspiring!

- Karen

Anonymous said...

thank you, and beautiful post!

Dooder City said...

wesome photos.

Pattie Cordova said...

first time visitor... love all the pics!

Mila said...

Gorheous post, my dear! <3
Very inspiring...

I tagged you, hope you like to play along!


Anonymous said...

love the pics. i'm so ready for summer too! sometimes it feels like as soon as it begins to get warm the weather seems to dip back down into cold dreariness

Valentine said...

First off, I shall take your advice and try doing cartwheels again.. keep your fingers crossed that I dont break any bones in the process.. hehe..

and this:

"bright green herbivorous dinosaur"

*rawr* you slay me.. i couldnt help but lol.



Linda said...

I dream of summer too. Have fun traveling this summer. I think I'll be staying at home and doing research for a mini-thesis I have to do for school, and maybe I'll fit in some gardening. :D

Morena Doll said...

Gosh, your blog is amazing. Hit me up sometime?

xo, Morena Doll

luyi said...

I love your blog!