Monday, March 9, 2009

cigarettes and chocolate milk

didn't my henna turn out well?!  

wonderful day today... i got a slushy after school with sophie (peach and strawberry mixed, if you were wondering) and then i came home to my acceptance letter to Kansas City Art Institute!!!!  and they are giving me the $15,000 presidents scholarship!!!!  oh i couldn't be happier!

what's more is that xan tagged me to write a poem starting with the first letter of my last name... that would be W.  i am not a writer at all so this will be more of a collection of words and things that i love:

Whispery lashes
And sidelong glances. 
Delicate flowers
And girly powers.
Poppy songs
And summers long.
Youthful romps
And a world without clocks.

haha, that was quite terrible.  but fun!  well now i would like to tag awkward digressions and dooder city who i am sure can do a much better job than me!
have a lovely day everyone!


c kirley said...


and the henna looks great :)

jules said...

ohh girl I love that poem, it is wonderful, and those are wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

Congrats congrats congrats on the scholarship! That's amazing.

The henna looks so pretty x

peaitlreiecnia said...

thank you for the comment darling, that is simply wonderful about the scholarship.

that henna tattoo is amazing. the poem is very pretty, thank you for tagging me

Sophie said...

never commented on a blog, but i'm in this one, so i feel that i should.

Peach and strawberry rules all.


and girl, that scholarship is amazing! Congrats!

Dooder City said...

congrats! i am so proud of you! how exciting. do you have to spell out your last name with the first letter of the poem?

Hot Bot said...

Hey, the title of this entry...I kinda love that song!

Darrah said...

Congrats on getting in the Art Institute! What will you be studying?

Gloria C. said...

congrats on the scholarship!!!

C a t r i n a said...

Woah, love your henna!
Amazingly done :)

Antonia said...

thank you so much!
you're such a babe!

Anonymous said...

love it, so trendy and like a jewel, but seems to be difficult to disappear it? right?

setyourselfonfire said...

oh my soul congrats on the scholarship!!!!!!

Marilyn Hayward said...

Congrats on the scholarship! I live about 20 minutes from KC, actually. Love your blog, I'm definitely linking you!

lilbent said...

That poem is great (even though it was second letter of last name, I like the W!)
But really, that poem is AWESOME, and you rock.

Ula said...

your henna turned very well:)

Anonymous said...

oooh really love the henna!

Anonymous said...

that is a very good song :) also, very cool henna!

Hila said...

That henna looks fantastic! And congratulations on the scholarship!!

Thanks for visiting my little blog and for your sweet comment :)

Karen said...

oh i just love when he wears skirts!

marc is definitely my hero.

- Karen

Anonymous said...

the first two are mine, hihi! not loveology's. but doesn't matter! i like! x lieke