Sunday, March 8, 2009

miss almost, miss maybe, miss halfway

bunches of photos from the last few days... i've been trying really hard to credit all the amazing bloggers i steal from but sometimes i forget... so if anyone knows who the photos belong to that i didn't credit please let me know... enjoy

lovely, from thursday afternoons. i finally went to vicky's hush hush and got a garter belt, i plan to wear it on the reg.

my signiture smoking section of my inspiration posts... from le smoking

those were all by ana kras, an amazing photographer.  love the ones on the bed...
mmmm can't wait to go the eno

can't remember!
love this outfit, and the stack of vinyls - ringo have a banana
sade kaari, beautiful hair!
cute... some required 
above is from here comes the sun... looks like a great way to spend a spring day

can't remember!  sorry
cute!  oh brother
fabby shoes, facehunter 
look at those lashes!  skull set

cobra snake

vamoose (i think!)

sequin magazine

i wish i could spend all my time reading blogs, there are endless amounts of beautiful and unique one's out there.  and i can't express how ready i am for school to be out, i feel like it is sucking all the creativity out of me, besides just taking up all of my time...


jules said...

those are pretty, i think a few are from my blog, the ones with the kids on the hill- i credited them on there, i can't remember the exact credit though.

Marsha said...

oh gosh lovely picts :)

Hippie Frou Frou said...

This is a great collection of inspiration, love all the tights and stacked kicks!

Dooder City said...

wow, amazing photos. i love them all.

Anonymous said...

the girl on the pool table and the couple making out in front of the sofa are my two favorites! :)

Mila said...

Wow, such a gorgeous post!

alexandra said...

how is it that i loved all these photos!? great blog. xoxo

Mo said...

love the underwears so sexy/not bitchy :-)

Marco said...

I LOOOOOOVE THESE PICTURES. THEY REALLY SEEM TO CAPTURE SOMETHING SPECIAL AND ROMANTIC. Those caps sounds reaaally excited! ha ha. You can check my blog out too @ later, marco