Thursday, September 23, 2010

will you hold me when i come home?

i am realizing how difficult it is to keep up this blog and keep up with school...

nonetheless, here are a few things i have been looking at lately.

some dada collage, since i have realized how dada-like my own collages really were. for my installation class i will be expanding upon my current collages and then creating real-life spaces inspired by them, all inspired by the dada movement of course.

Raoul Hausmann

Hannah Hoch

im also working on a series of toasting vessels spanning from greco-roman times to current loving cups, and all the puzzle jugs and fuddling cups in between. it will be a series of 12, which means i have to make at least twice that the get what i really want, so it's certainly keeping me busy.

of course i'll post images of my own work as soon as i finish it!

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Blowraspberry said...

wow it's very beautiful!

can't wait for your amazing work photos.. break a leg!