Friday, August 27, 2010

i just wanna catch your eye

a food post. having my own kitchen is wonderful. i'm getting really cozy in my apartment and studio at school. it feels like home.
fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper
chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal no-bake cookies
chocolate chip scones
yummy snacks
a standby, pasta and salad
soup, a cleveland essential
coffee, berries, hand-whipped cream
home-made waffles with whipped cream

a fun little exercise... if you have a minute i suggest you do it too, it makes you think harder about yourself than you would think!

I Always:
♥ check the closet and under my bed before i go to sleep
♥ leave my phone on and near me when i sleep
♥ listen to music while i drive (always mix cd's)
♥ drink 2% milk
I Sometimes:
♥ wear my pj's the next day as my real clothes
♥ eat breakfast for dinner
♥ feel lonely even when i am with friends
♥ get dressed up when i know i won't be going out
I Never:
♥ read the last page of a book before i finish
♥ eat meat
♥ put sugar in my coffee
♥ miss a chance to go dumpster diving


Kaya said...

Thanks for the last part of your post:)Some points are similar to me. Oh, and i like the coffee and berries;)

Blowraspberry said...

wow! very fantastic food.. yummy!
Inspiring me to make all those delicious food.. but in Vegan version.. :)

Now I'm following your blog..

leah said...

oh my gosh this post makes me so happy. i miss you so and i LOVE the foods (esp the waffles, and the creammmmmmmmmmm&berries) gosh girl i miss you and love you!

Lo said...

no bake cookies!

See Me Everywhere said...

Oh gosh your making me terribly hungry! Those peanut cookies look divine! I think I might go home and spend an evening in the kitchen :)