Sunday, August 22, 2010

i try hard to pretend

so i've finally put some things up on my etsy site. just some little collages so far... here are a couple of examples:

they are on the back of vintage playing cards and are covered in a protective sealing of gel medium. i'm selling them for $5 with free shipping anywhere in the world and if you purchase one i can almost guarantee you i'll add in something else special that i've been working on! you can see all of them on my other blog as well as the etsy site of course!

as school starts i'll most likely be adding ceramic mugs, cups, plates, and bowls to my site as well as some hand embroidered pieces i am currently working on so keep your eyes pealed!!

and if you have any questions about the work you can of course reach me through this blog, my other blog, or the etsy site. hope you guys check it out!


See Me Everywhere said...

very sweet collages! :) Thanks for popping by my blog!


Kaya said...

soo cool;)

Every Little Counts said...

i love these!

sara said...

that's such a good idea, collages on cards!

chelsea jade said...

i'm so glad i nabbed one of your collages early! i feel like i'm harbouring a future picasso!


Athena. said...

Oh, these are lovely! xxx

Helena said...

Love them! You're a clever little lady!