Sunday, September 26, 2010

listen up lover, i never will

today i turned 20. how strange. but i had a truly wonderful birthday weekend. it couldn't have been any better.
i went apple and pumpkin picking with my loveliest friends.

it was my first time so i was very excited

these beautiful pictures were taken by steph.
i also went to a wonderful festival in downtown cleveland called ingenuity which was so magical.

lots of crazy things were there.
and we saw the most creative puppet show in the world.

lots of public art.

these gorgeous pictures were taken by my friend adam.


peaitlreiecnia said...

what a feast for the eyes!

Kaya said...

Happy birthday my dear!
Oh, no in december I'm also turning 20, can't believe it's time for it:)

You had a nice birthday i think and now I want to eat an apple too!

see you:*

electric feel said...

Let the corks pop, my dear!
Happy B-Day! hope you had an amazing day!

leah said...

this post is so magical!