Saturday, December 6, 2008

you're just about my everything

portfolio day was awesome - i got lots of great feedback from SMFA, CIA, Montserrat, and KCIA.  it was so helpful but friday was even more fun.  the girls and i went ice skating and rode the carousel!!!!
gretchen and felicia on the national mall
kathleen had cold ears
beautiful day

i LOVE this carousel

my adorable friends - grayson, kathleen, felicia, gretchen, jessica
gretchen was a master skate lacer

this was soooooo much fun - i have always wanted to go skating outside and i finally got to.
plus the rink is in the middle of this outdoor sculpture garden which makes it even cooler

this awesome tunnel in the national gallery
fabby trip.  can't believe i've been on it 3 times but i never will again... because i am a SENIOR!!! crazy to think that i'll be off to college so soon.

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Ula said...

I must go for skating as well!:)