Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh my god we're back again

so i was out collecting cigarette butts (hopefully for the last time because my piece is supposed to be in the durty art show tomorrow - Trotter Building 410 Geer St. from 7-10 pm) and i got some very interesting reactions...  on perry street i ran into this hobo who saw me and was all "oh that's cool" thinking that i was like trying to clean up the environment or something and so i said "oh yeah i make art out of them..."  and he countered with "how you gonna make art out of the cigarette butts???!!!"  and then i walked away.
then in front of bean traders on ninth i met this cool guy who actually wanted to hear about what i was doing.
at the exxon station near my house this guy pumping gas stopped me to ask what i was doing.  i told him and he was all "that's better than recycling, you're doing good!"

the people who are really interested in what i do make all the other shit i deal with worth it.

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