Thursday, December 11, 2008

i didn't get to heaven but i made it close

so there are only about a zillion amazing shows coming up at the cats cradle in the next few months.  it will be interesting to see how many i am actually able to get to.  but anyways here is the listing:

Rosebuds - Sat January 24

Ben Kweller with the Watson Twins - Sun March 1

Tapes 'n Tapes - Mon March 2

Black Lips - Wed March 4

Cut Copy with Matt and Kim - Tue March 24

so basically i CAN'T wait!  because i've seen the rosebuds twice now and both times they have had people up on the stage to dance with them and when i saw the black lips it was like a total mind trip - they were so amazing.  and all the other bands i totally love and never ever thought i would get a chance to see ( like how i never thought someone as amazing as the watson twins would come into the store when i was working and they totally did!!!).

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Vegan and Vintage said...

Cut copy. Definately. I saw them on Sunday - so good and I've heard mat and kim are great too.