Wednesday, August 3, 2011

secrets on the weekend, secrets on the phone

just had a perfectly lovely 24 hour vacation in marblehead/lakeside, ohio.  just a little weekday getaway with two of my best ladies.  we stopped along the way in another little harbor town and took some pictures.

steph getting the perfect shot 
gotta keep it regular. 
 then we drove past the most magical place and had to take more pictures.  it was an over grown green house complex.

it was one of the most magical things i've ever seen.  so alice in wonderland.
i took another polaroid there... i really like all the angles in this shot and the smoke stack in the back.

i've got loads more pictures coming so i decided to split them up.  i'll also be posting the 35mm stuff that steph took.


20thCgirl said...

The ex-lax thing made me laugh - also I love it when nature takes over man-made structures and makes them all organic looking!

nesha said...

Those pictures look so sweet!

I was in ohio a couple of weeks ago too! :)