Saturday, August 6, 2011

all the other kids

 these are the analog shots steph took of me at the greenhouses we found.  i think they came out so lovely and dreamy.  (if you're wondering, i'm wearing all vintage, as usual, including my barbie polaroid)
this was in the little town of vermilion we stopped in on the way to lakeside.

pictures actually from lakeside coming up!

and i thought i would end with this quote:

"Our job on earth, as I see it, is to hold on through the hard parts and try to be a good person." - Margaret Sartor

I'm re-reading "Miss American Pie, A Diary of Love, Secrets, and Growing up in the 1970's" and I think Margaret is 16 or 17 when she says this.  At first I felt like I agreed with it... and then I decided that I think I completely disagree.  It has to be something more right?


pop pop portraits said...

CUTE! I miss my barbie polaroid...lost it one of my many moves :(

grant ashley said...

what a sweet little place to be. the photos are cute. those barbie polaroids are cool, but boys dont have barbie paraphenalia!

i'll have to buy a grown-up polaroid

Name's Lo said...

Ooh I love these pictures. They are, as you put it, "dreamy." Perfect.

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Such sweet pictures. I love your yellow summer shorts! I'm not sure I know our job on earth, but I do agree that we much all try to be good people. Nice food for thought.

Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

ooh I wanna explore old green houses, how dreamy

blouse said...

i love that you have a barbie polaroid!

as far as that quote goes, i think there's something to what she says. It is true, but our job on earth is much bigger than just that! and for each of us it is different. the fun/hard part is figuring out what that is!!!

glad i found your blog!