Thursday, April 28, 2011

you never wrote me, you never called

my latest series of work. these are pinhole photographs printed on ceramics. it was a pretty crazy process. first i made a pinhole camera out of clay... and then i painted liquid light onto fired ceramic tiles and exposed those tiles in my camera. this is what i got! the sepia color you see are the colorations of the clay itself. this last one is my favorite, the image is so faint and ghostly.


Molly said...

these are outstanding, i never knew this could be done. i would love to try it out myself, would you mind me using the process? how can liquid light be bought? did you discover it yourself? your blog is a real inspiration. i have no patience to upload pictures of my work (i'm studying fine art), and your pieces are so wonderful. thank you.

Jennyboo said...

This is AMAZING. I never knew you could do something like this and I especially loved reading about how you do it. They look so eerie and ghostly. Beautiful in every way.

grant ashley said...

oh these are fantastic. pinhole photographs always seem so spooky and familiar. you did an amazing job