Sunday, April 10, 2011

can i fall awake now?

so while doing my laundry today i realized that all of my socks have holes in them and therefore i decided it was time to take a trip down my steps to my next door neighbor, american apparel and treat myself. these are the styles i picked out.

in other news, today it was in the 70s here in cleveland and completely blissful and this weekend i am traveling home to durham to see the raveonettes who just released a new album.


Cat said... sock drawer is in the same dire state right now! I love your sock goodness round up...esp. those buttercup yellow knee-highs. :) said...

I love those frilly socks, so cute! And the last ones, but might be a bit too warm for southern California especially with summer approaching. UO has cute socks too and when they're on sale it's the best time to stock up!