Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh it hurts, the look in your eyes

making a short film for class about a girl romping in the woods
these images are inspiring me

some required


i've just started an account at vimeo. check it out!

life these days seems to be filled with opposites. i'm learning to enjoy the strangeness.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

are you out tonight?

i'm back a school. it's been a week of reunioning.
not many real things to do yet.
and yet,
life hasn't been all cowboys and indians.
(cobra snake)
it's been more about missing certain things,
things from home,

(skull set)

and things from school.

(tous le jours)
i think i'm trying to learn that nothing is certain
but it's a lot harder than i thought.

i am looking forward though, to so many things,

(heart in a cage)
including spring...
so i don't have to spend 10 minutes bundling each time i leave my room to enter the cleveland winter.

(young shields)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

leave town right now

the following pictures chronicle new years eve through january 2

preparation for the nights festivities

sparkly makeup and tutus were a must

and whipped cream

sara's was very small and nice

delicious brunch in the morning

last night = epic julie and anna house romp
there were hair cuts

and kitchen dance parties

and a whole lot of spice world

oh yes.

hello 2010, bring it on.