Saturday, January 2, 2010

leave town right now

the following pictures chronicle new years eve through january 2

preparation for the nights festivities

sparkly makeup and tutus were a must

and whipped cream

sara's was very small and nice

delicious brunch in the morning

last night = epic julie and anna house romp
there were hair cuts

and kitchen dance parties

and a whole lot of spice world

oh yes.

hello 2010, bring it on.


fadetoblack said...

hahah this is awesome!
looks like you guys had fun!!
indeed bring on the 10 ++

peaitlreiecnia said...

so much fun jumping around in these photos!! your outfit is killer, i still can't bring myself to do tequila...what delicious fun it looks like you're all having though! x

Denise said...

haahaha! you girls are naughty.

i miss my girlfriends after seeing this.

have fun!

I am Denise Katipunera

electric feel said...

thanks for your comment, dear!
looks like you had fun!

young-shields said...

i'm enjoying the glittery eyes

claire x

G&M said...

looks like you know how to boogie!

M. said...

cute blog and pictures!

lovelove, M.

Taylor Sterling said...

awesome pics! Looks fun

Natalie said...

looks like u had so much fun! love it :)

Jess said...

mmm whipped cream! looks like you had a blast on new years hehe loving those glittered lids as well :)