Saturday, January 16, 2010

are you out tonight?

i'm back a school. it's been a week of reunioning.
not many real things to do yet.
and yet,
life hasn't been all cowboys and indians.
(cobra snake)
it's been more about missing certain things,
things from home,

(skull set)

and things from school.

(tous le jours)
i think i'm trying to learn that nothing is certain
but it's a lot harder than i thought.

i am looking forward though, to so many things,

(heart in a cage)
including spring...
so i don't have to spend 10 minutes bundling each time i leave my room to enter the cleveland winter.

(young shields)


bijoubijou said...

nice pics! and I do agree with you on always wearing the baggier clothes but when I saw that line, I died.


katrina said...

great great post, everything's right here.

Grace said...

great pictures!
I hope you had a great time over the holidays being home and have no fear spring is on the way!!
can not wait to be able to wear shorts!

Antonia said...

Thanks girl!!!

Love these pics!

x A

Miss Woody said...

wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

nice to see you're doing fine :)

M. said...

cute pictures, i want spring too!!

lovelove, M.

Luczis said...

nice photos!! I love them all...

Emily said...

Great pictures! I can't wait for spring either :)

jules said...

This is beautiful, and I love knowing the inside story. Your fantastic and such an artist.

Taylor Sterling said...

love the pics!! like the blog! :)

Fashion She Says said...

Hi Anna, you're adorable! I love the stories your photos tell. Thanks for you sweet comments xx

Anonymous said...

WOW I love you blog :) loving the pictures you posted too :) !

heart in a cage said...

I love the pink hair in one of the photos!

Grace said...

Im sorry.
Heart break is one thing that no one can really make go away with words but I hope your doing well. To be honest, Im still heart broken from a past boy and he loves it, even though i am in this new relationship its still hard everyday.
Just know that you're going to be ok soon and from what I can tell from how awesome you seem to see the world you'll be great in no time!!

Nahl said...

LOVE topshop!

JULIA said...

the pics are all great.

Beckah said...

Love your blog & pics!
Its awesome & your very talented.
ifu got a second take a look at my blog (:

Anonymous said...

oh, i love those pics