Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i miss you even when you're around

ok. two things.  firstly, i've been taking a break on my cigarette art, partly because i was burnt out (no pun intended) partly because i was sick of walking around smelling like smoker when i wasn't one, and partly because storing the pieces become a huge ordeal.  however, after a recent pop up of a local artist using the same material i was first pushed back even further, and then pushed forward suddenly.  i can't wait to get started again, and these images really inspired me.
this happened naturally apparently.
this is the local artist.

secondly, these are just some lovely pictures of some lovely couples from loveology.  because sometimes i just need proof that this kind of thing actually happens.

have a wonderful day, night, snow day, summer day, wherever, whenever, you have it. :)


Lavender said...

I love those photos. They make me want to hug the one I love right now.

Mara said...

love the cigarette thingies. they're so inventive! and the photos are really great

Natalië said...

love those couples photos.

Mary said...

That birdnest is like destiny! I'm glad you aren't letting david bowie make you stop playing with cigarettes, because your art is a-mazing. PS-loveology makes my life.