Sunday, May 11, 2008

he brought us snacks eeeee

the ap exam is over!!!!!! yes!!!! freedom!!!! i have my life back!!!!! needless to say i am pretty happy. so on friday after the exam amy and i went to duke gardens and hung out feeding the ducks and stuff. and talking about how cute mr. vs was being before the exam.

poor a. i stubbed her toe! yikes!
j slept over on friday and in the morning we painted nails and watched this amazing short called a relationship in 4 days. it's amazing. go watch it right now. then we went to trinity park to look for duke student trash. we didn't find any but we did hit a yard sale.

i got ghetto sunglasses.

and a hair wrap which j gave me.
a really nice two days. very relaxing, something which i have not experienced in a long time.
also, happy mother's day everyone!

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