Sunday, April 27, 2008

underneath it all

art show. this is the space my mom and i will have for our show next month
cute girl on stilts
sat prep
(one week) apush exam review (two weeks)
my new telly
the most beautiful thing that ever existed, yes that is a vampire weekend record
julie before tko

besides a fun night out with my mom at culture crawl and a night out with jules at the last tko at ringside (which btw was amazing...way better than last time. there were loads more people and he played an of mont song) my life has been reduced to nothing but study study study. with an occasional weeds episode, a listen to my new record player courtesy of my grandma who gave it to me and my uncle who fixed it, and a look at my semi fancy new phone. what? i've never had texting and picture taking capabilities all in one little ball of cheap plastic and metal.

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