Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Superfluous Installation

I can't believe it, but as of 4 hours ago my first solo show opened to the public.  I spent Labor Day weekend hanging Superfluous Fowl at the Carrack in downtown Durham.  In the beginning it looked like this:

And then I did A LOT of measuring and hammering and measuring and moving things around and measuring...

There is so much more to the show than these little snippets but I had a super awesome local photographer record the show so I'll be sharing those images with you soon.  Also stay tuned, my opening is this Friday so I'll be sharing my baking adventures (chocolate meringues, lavender meringues, profiteroles, french lime cake, tarts....) and photos of the opening!  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain and we have a blast popping champagne (or Prosecco to be more accurate) and cream puffs all night!


Anonymous said...

Wow it looks amazing! Good job :) xx

Anna Wallace said...

Thank you so much dear! Means so much coming from you, I know your taste is amazing.