Friday, July 18, 2014

Superfluous Fowl: The Postcard

It's getting really, real, if you know what I mean.  Today I got the posters and postcards printed for my show.  As you can see my show is open to the public September 2nd, which is SO SOON.  It feels a little crazy that I have my materials printed and I'm still working in wet clay... opps.  Yes it's true, I still have several pieces to finish making, not to mention a couple glaze firings and pinning down and finishing all the pedestals I'll be needing.  So there is much more to come and I'll try (try!) to post more regularly so you can follow along with the process.  

PS.  Any graphic designers out there no judgements or giggles about my postcard design, I make things  with my hands, not with a computer!  I'm sure I broke all kind of typography and formatting rules, but I  did it myself, and I like it.

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