Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Durham, North Carolina Bakery Spotlight

Before I left for college 4.5 years ago, none of these bakeries were in existence.  Now, Durham is a veritable bakery paradise.  They spring up every few months it seems and thrive in the downtown.  Get to Monuts too late in the day and they've already sold out of their cake donuts.  Durham likes its sweets.  Most of these lovely places began as a Farmer's Market stall (like Scratch and Loaf).  The Parlour began as a food truck, which they still have.  Monuts Donuts began selling their creations on the back of a bicycle around Durham.  Watching Durham become so fabulous and delicious has been a dream come true.

Daisy Cakes, serving cupcakes and so much more.

The Parlour, serving homemade ice-cream, sundaes etc. 

Loaf makes the best bread ever! 

I think Scratch has to be my favorite.  They do so much and I am seriously obsessed with this drink they made called the London Fog.

 Monuts Donuts... um, donuts, need I say more?

And because you can never have too many cupcake shops, The Cupcake Bar.

And of course I had to do a little spotlight on Dolly's Vintage.  During High School I worked here for 4 years while it was located in Bright Leaf Square.  Since I left Durham Dolly's moved downtown on Main street and as been thriving along with all the lovely bakeries.  I'm now back in Durham and working at Dolly's again and fingers crossed... hopefully one of these bakeries as well soon.

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