Friday, September 30, 2011

tell me what would be so wrong

these are steph's images from the better in mentor carnival.  they are so dreamy.  the girl in the green is me and the girl in the black is ari.  

 i like to think that we are looking across the fairground at each other here.

 i turned 21 on monday.  haven't done much special yet because of all my studio and academic work  but i don't really mind.  i'm so into school right now and i can't wait to show you my latest work!

also i am seeing ty segall tonight, one of my favorite post-punk fuzzy garage 1960's throwback rock bands.  can't wait!


danica said...

very dreamy images indeed!

and happy birthday 21st - i hope it was a good one :)

Tabitha said...

21 is an awesome age :) Love the photos posted here. and Happy Birthday! :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Beautiful! x hivenn

The Annachrist said...

take me to this land of candy lights and golden fried chicken ;)