Monday, January 17, 2011

it's the the weight of your load

some images i'm using in a slideshow presentation for one of my classes this semester. it's all about the MATERIAL.

all above were eva hesse, one of my long time heroines

some porcelain work exhibiting its transparent properties

some more ceramic work exhibiting its plasticity
this piece was done by a girl who graduated ahead of me at my high school. i love her work, she paints engobes on paper and layers them in the kiln, the paper burns away and she is left with layer and layers of paper thin clay. it looks like millions of years of rock formation.
this piece is a compositional pot connected with chicle, the stuff chewing gum is made from!all the rest of the images are of andy goldsworthy's work. he is a genius, and there is not much else to be said.
these are leaves on a branch

in his movie, rivers and tides, you get to watch this amazing creation float down the river and disconnect

i think his most interesting work is the red paint rocks, he smashes them all up and makes color bombs, throws it in the air, floats it in rivers and small pools. absolutely stunning.
well, i'm inspired, and super excited for this semester of college.

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Molly said...

Eva Hesse is one of the most beautiful, inspirational female artists that is trapped within time and will never age. Look up Mary Kelly's Post-Partum-Document. As always, beautiful blog.