Wednesday, July 28, 2010

gimme gimme this gimme gimme that

i've been tagged by the lovely kaya to do a few questions. i'll place them in and about a few pictures of some of the clay work i've been doing this summer.
1.) What's a perfect styling for you?

looking really good and confident in whatever you put on, whether it's a perfectly remodeled 1960's ensemble or stretchy work-out clothes.
2.) For what do you spent the most of your money?

split between vintage clothes and vinyls.
3.) What's your favourite song at this moment now?

Real Good (Sunroof Remix) by the Tiny Masters of Today.
4.) Which excellences do you think you have?

i think the things i am best at are making all kinds of art.
5.) And what are your failings?

i think i have a lot of failings, too many and too private to list, but one would be that i never seem to be assertive enough and i spend way too much time dealing with regrets.

i'm not really sure who to tag and i don't have the brain power right now to think too hard on it... so if you want to answer these questions on your blog please feel free to do so! and be sure to leave a comment here if you do so i can make sure to read your answers.


Soné said...

hi there! I am glad you can agree with the friendship post on my blog. I feel your pain, I am going through a bit of a hard time with some of my friendships too!

thanks for your comment!

張志亦劉美玲 said...