Wednesday, June 16, 2010

you never say them to me, move on

some photoboothing i've been since i've been home
first day i got my cast. icky icky.

copious amounts of knitting i did while being laid up.
how excited was i to get my polaroid film in the mail? very.

how obsessed am i with fake eyelashes right now?
another new haircolor! i just can't get enough.

also, some lovely pictures that julie has been taking lately. i promise i'll start posting my own real pictures soon i just can't force myself to use my crappy camera ever again now that i know i'll be getting a really nice one soon. ATTENTION! does anyone have any advice on a really nice digital camera i should get? i will mostly be going still life and taking video... but i also want to be able to take good party photos.

jules made a fabulous stencil. if you don't know... durty is a combination of the words Durham and dirty... Durty. also an artists collective we all belong to here.

i've had some nice times lately
but still waiting to regain my walking abilities.

just like old times.

we forgot to take glove precautions this time.

just more waiting in my life mostly. little good and happy things surrounded by a whole butt load of waiting. and seemingly waiting for nothing.

on a happier note... i was very excited to see that my blog now has 100 followers! thanks to everyone who reads this blog, you don't know how much it really means to me.


Away with the fairy's said...

Aww great post! hope you regain the use of your leg soon :P plus, i want the horse picture thing on your wall!

charlotte lucy said...

what did you break and when?! hope you heal quickly!

ahhh blue hair due, that takes me back...! ahhhhhh 14 year old me and a navy blue underlayer of hair. lovely times


Kennedy said...

i dont think i'll ever get sick of looking at photobooth pictures, they are so fun!

Blowraspberry said...

I always do the same things too when I coloring my hair.. hihi!

it's my very first time I read your blog.. and I lovin it :)

get well soon!

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