Tuesday, February 9, 2010

blue hockey, blush crush

i nearly peed myself when i found these patterns

i'm about to go make all of them. and you should to. making things is therapeutic. go here.

i've been getting so excited about making new glass stuff! mads just brought up her torch and kiln and looking at my old glass stuff makes me want to get back into it. mads and i are going to buy soft glass and mandrels so i can make beads and sheet glass so we can make jewelry bars. i can't wait!
plus i am so exciting on what i'm doing in school right now. this is an old clay piece from high school but my latest projects are the same form in glass and metals. i'll post the pictures soon....i'm entering them all in an art show, wish me luck!


Grace said...

They look wonderful and the patterns at the beginning are so cute!

ps Im now officially in that heart broken boat with you ha, scooch on over! :)

____ royal said...

ahh good luck!
these are really really adorable.

i likeeeee your blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL-too funny!

And good luck!


Faridah said...

This post is so adorable!!!

Nadir H. said...