Sunday, November 30, 2008

but i wish i could so bad

in honor of almost one whole year of blogging i have put together all my very favorite pictures from the last 12 months.  these pictures represent some of the best times of not only the last year but of my life.
one of margaret's many junior year parties.
me and j together
j smoking a candy cigarette 
me before prom
maddy after spoon
me and feesh at my art show
last day of school and kathleen's birthday
me and kathleen in florida
some of the girls on the quad at gov school
dying jane's hair in my bathroom at gov school
kate roller skating 
me roller skating 
me before the mascaraed at gov school
me at one of julie's summer parties
wade at the virgins show the night before my birthday
me being a bride left at the alter for julie's photo project on my birthday
me and adrian getting ready for my first college party (80's themed)
of montreal concert
julie and megan at kathleen's pig pickin


lilbent said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!!

peaitlreiecnia said...

what a brilliant bunch of photos, they're all so happy looking!

congratulations on almost a year of blogging!


Ula said...

it's good to have such pictures:)

FIFI LAPIN said...

what a great happy set of shots, full of life, wish I'd been there!