Wednesday, October 8, 2008

lost in the moment

these are just a select few of the 188 pictures that i took last night...
beautiful solo song
80's scene (please direct your attention to the top right corner - that would be the pin from dolly's)

holy shit i never thought i would see this much of my future husband

the three loves of my life - middle was the cutest human being on the planet
dotty it the distance - even though we were feet away from the stage i couldn't get a good picture of her - and she was wearing comic tights!

john McCain people pressuring kevin barnes to do drugs and kill himself
why she was laughing at the moment i do not know - disclaimer: this was not real
um, hot

that would be shaving cream

these would be feathers that they blew into the crowd (i may have inhaled some...)
favorite picture EVER
their new drummer - he led us on a chant that went like this "what do we want - PIZZA, when do we want it - PIZZA" 
lets just say, maddy and i NEEDED ice creme after the show (and frozen slice and bake cookies)

so that was officially the biggest mind trip i have ever experienced - totally and completely engaging at all times, and although they mostly played stuff from their new album which isn't out yet, and therefore i couldn't sing along it was so incredible.  and now i am just so much more excited for it to come out.

plusssss.  ok this is both crazy frustrating and cool.  at school today leah told me that yesterday she had stopped by dolly's and she saw these two guys there shopping and talking to susan...guess who they were!!!!  fucking kevin barnes and the lead guitarist!!!! OH. MY. GOD.  i can not believe that of montreal - my favorite band, that i have seen 3 times in concert and still have not managed to talk to - went shopping at my place of work and i WASN'T THERE!!!!
ps, look on the orange scarf - that flower pin would be from dolly's - i have touched it.  i knew it looked familiar the whole time!


Anonymous said...

bummerz on not being there!! i would be totally hating myself. but tight pictures! and omg SO MUCH SKIN, haha :]

simply.steph said...

of montreal! holy crap if she was a good friend she would have totally kidnapped them and locked them in her basement till you could get a hold of them... lol